Yesterday was Halloween where all the goblins, princesses and minions arrived upon
my doorstep. Today, it is now officially the holiday season. You can find Christmas music on the radio, deco-rations going up in the stores and even Walgreens will have the changeover aisle completed by this weekend. The years go by in a split of a minute, the technology changes every day, and the buildings go up
overnight. This makes me think of -Do we really sit back and enjoy the history that we create every day before us and the history we will create today.
Enjoying the history: David Heyne, member of CSI & AIA, presented our October monthly meeting, The Rehabilitation of the First Christian Church for Immanuel Baptist Church. Even though I was not
able to attend David gave me a brief synopsis of his presentation. The visuals of a this historical building, created by hand in 1911 was beautiful even though it was literally falling apart in the before pictures.
This reminds me that construction in the late 1800 and early-1900’s was respected and created to withstand the test of time. David’s vision for the details to bring back the church is a complete WOW!
Not only did he and his team recreate the areas that was in trouble but he created a beautiful & serene church that will house many parishioners that will be happy to enter the house of god. Using the technology of today allowed his vision to be complete. Great job, David.
Speaking of history we will be having our Day at the Downs on Friday, November 10 th . This is long standing tradition of CSI Louisville and we are always happy to share our horse heritage with the Great Lakes chapters that like to come for the day. Come on out and place a few bets, network with other professionals and visit our beautiful Churchill Downs. Please check our web page for the link to purchase your tickets.
On a side note: I am still looking for our members to step up and have a table top at our meetings. This will bring value to your membership and maybe we can help our specifiers learn something new that can be added to their spec’s on upcoming jobs…
Stay warm and sane thru the next couple of months. I will see you at the meeting on the 16 th and mark your calendar for the Holiday Party with AIA on Tuesday, December 12th. Quote for this month: “A great building must begin with the immeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed, and in the end must be unmeasured.” Louis I. Kahn



Julie Eckert

Louisville CSI President

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