Welcome to 2017!

 Per the 2017 Dodge Construction Outlook everything looks like it is on the up and up (except Multifamily Housing) in our industry. “For 2017, the total construction starts are forecast to rise 5 percent to $713 Billion (Doors + Hardware Magazine, January 2017, Page 8).” Commercial Building is estimated to increase 6 percent, and with the recent school bond measures being voted on during the November election, institutional building is projected to grow 10 percent. Manufacturing plant construction is projected to increase 6 percent. These figures are a broad overview of the National Market, however, locally we can see the impact, with hotels, schools, and manufacturing plants that have recently been announced as future projects.

 So, what does this all mean for Louisville CSI? It’s a good question. One that I do not have an answer to. However, I hope it will lead to future growth of our chapter with more members, more events, more education, etc.

 I also believe it will lead to the chapter earning more money. Ask anyone on the Board and they will tell you, we operate on a shoestring budget. We get by, but the money is tight. As an organization, we want to do more, but are limited because “more” costs money. With this projected growth, I hope to see more vendors and sponsors at our AIA/CSI Trade Fair on February 21stWink, wink, nudge, nudge! With more vendors and sponsors, comes more money for our organization to do great things.   Your support matters. Whether you show support monetarily or by volunteering, it matters. This is the portion of the article where I am channeling Alan Sader or Sarah McLachlan). If you would like to be a vendor or sponsor at our upcoming AIA/CSI Trade Fair, please let me know. If you have any questions, please contact me (brent@bainesinc.com or 859-940-1528).

 I wish you all the best in 2017!


 Brent Guiliani

Louisville CSI President

Baines Builders Products


Source:         “2017 Economic Forecast,” Doors + Hardware, DHI Magazine, January 2017, Pages 8-9 .


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