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AIA CSI Trade Fair Luncheon

March 03, 2015
12:30 PM to 1:30 PM
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Kentucky International Convention Center
221 S. 4th St.
Louisville, KY 40202





Building Sustainability and Resiliency into Communities.

Overview of two Kentucky examples and other initiatives in the US: "Building Sustainability and Resiliency into Communities." 

West Liberty, KY was ?severely damaged by 2012 tornado and a Clinton Global Initiative America "Commitment to Action" ?includes plans? to? build four net-zero homes with solar and geothermal to create a national and replicable post disaster recovery model for stronger and energy independence. 

?The NuLu business area in Louisville is a vibrant, growing and sustainable area of Louisville that is working on establishing an eco-district model through a public/private partnership that will reach LEED ND ?certification?. 

National examples or initiatives like the Clinton Global Initiative America Sustainable Buildings Working Group, President's Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resiliency, and US Dept. Housing and Urban Development Competition for innovative solutions for rebuilding communities after disasters.

Financing options through legislation: Property Assess Clean Energy and a Renewable & Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standards (REEPS).   ?

 Learning Objectives:

(1) Understand the basic elements of “The EcoDistricts™ Framework Building Blocks of Sustainable Cities” for use in other communities or neighborhoods (a) District Formation (b) District Assessment (c) Project Feasibility + Development and (d) District Management.

(2) ?Understand the basic elements of the National Mitigation Framework which establishes a common platform and forum for coordinating and addressing how the Nation manages risk through mitigation capabilities. It describes mitigation roles across the whole community.

(3) Learn about national examples addressing climate preparedness and resiliency at the community level.

(4) Learn about the opportunities for legislative options to incentivize energy efficiency and renewable energy deployment in the Commonwealth.



ROBERT G. CLARK, Co-founder and Director of Business Development Midwest Clean Energy Corporation, LLC 

Midwest Clean Energy Enterprise (MCEE) Member & Business Development Director – MCEE is committed to developing national and international relationships with clean venture firms, experts and investors to bring to Kentucky and the larger Midwest region to assist in developing our clean energy market potential. MCEE's work is collaborative in nature and relies heavily on synergistic relationships to ensure win-win-win arrangements with all of its strategic partners.)


Robert G.  Clark,Midwest Clean Energy Enterprise LLC Founder and President, graduate May 1984, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, Masters in Public Administration with Concentration in Public Finance.  August 1981, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, Bachelors in Business Administration with Concentration in Marketing May. 1978, Paducah Community College, Paducah, Kentucky Associates Degree in Science.   Fall, 2002, ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, RAB Internal Auditor Certification.

Bobby Clark is the founder of Sustainable Business Ventures (SBV), a 501 (c) (3) non-profit that provides training to low-income youth and difficult-to-employ individuals including ex-offenders. SBV has developed a unique Green Entrepreneur Program that has been successfully piloted in 19 Kentucky counties.  Clark has experience as a lobbyist for a Fortune 500 energy company, and has served as a small business advocate and leadership roles at the national, state and local levels. In addition, he has training and experience in organizing stakeholder meetings and has been trained as a facilitator by a national facilitation training company. Clark is an entrepreneur and founder of a publishing company which printed directories, books and magazines and was the premier provider of information services about the who's who in Kentucky government, education and business. 

Bobby Clark has served as Project Manager of the Rebuilding West Liberty initiative to rebrand and rebuild after a devastating tornado on March 2, 2014.  One of our key partners is Jonathan Miller, former Deputy Chief of Staff to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy in the Clinton Administration, former Kentucky State Treasurer and former Secretary of the Kentucky Finance & Administration Cabinet. After producing a 51 page Rebuilding West Liberty Strategic Report 2 (, the initiative has been accepted by a "Commitment to Action" by the Clinton Global Initiative America. We are currently raised approximately $500k for Phase 1 which will build four "net zero" homes to some families displaced by the tornado.  The stick built homes will be latest Energy Star design and by adding solar and geothermal system will reach "net zero" and will models for affordable homes for post-disaster recovery. In addition, an Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard (EEED) will be developed. The dashboard will be placed in the lobby of Commercial Bank of West Liberty that is being rebuilt and will be certified LEED Gold. Not only will the Dashboard monitor our four new homes but additional meters will be installed into some of the Energy Star 48 multi-family units being rebuilt, the geothermal system in the bank and some comparable homes and buildings that were built in the 70s and 80s. An energy efficiency and renewable energy curriculum will be added and accessible via the internet for teacher around the U.S. and beyond.

Kentucky Commission on Small Business Advocacy/Region IV Regulatory Fairness Board Mr. Clark has been a small business advocate since September of 1994 and served as a Kentucky delegate to the White House Conference on Small Business and was Chair of Kentucky’s Information/Technology Issues Committee. In September 1997, Mr. Clark was one of 50 small business owners across the country to be appointed to the Region IV Regulatory Fairness Board and served as Chair and later Vice-Chair of Region IV and served as a member until 2003. In January 2001, the U.S. Small Business Administration Administrator appointed Mr. Clark to serve on the SBA National Advisory Council. NAC members provide expert advice, ideas and opinions on SBA programs and small business issues. In May 2001, Mr. Clark was appointed by the Governor of Kentucky to chair of the Kentucky Commission on Small Business Advocacy and served in this capacity until September 2005.


 JASON DELAMBRE, CEM,Midwest Clean Energy Enterprise, LLC Director of Energy and Carbon Policy 

Mr. DeLambre, a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) works with clients to maximize profitability through effective utilization of natural resources and the development of ground-breaking energy efficiency and carbon reducing solutions. During his career, he has developed a unique vision of the economic and energy efficiency synergies possible through innovative business, infrastructural, financial, policy, and community organizing strategies. Mr. DeLambre a graduate of Master of Community Planning (MCP), June 2007. University of Cincinnati, School of Planning. 

 Recent Project Experience 2013:

  • Climate Action Plan Consultant – Transylvania University – Assisted Transy's Sustainability Director with the development and completion of the University's official Climate Action Plan to meet their obligation to the American College and University President's Climate Commitment (ACUPCC). 
  • Alternative Finance Discussion Panel Event – Louisville Downtown Partnership (LDP) – As MCEE, worked in concert with LDP to develop a quarterly joint presentation series centered on professional panel discussions around alternative financing strategies for commercial business owners. 
  • USDA REAP Energy Efficiency Grant – Capital Plaza Hotel and Other Hotels - Wrote and submitted four grants, which were all funded, leading to the awarding of $13,000 from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for installing ozone laundry systems in all four of the hotels.
  • Phase 2: Strategic Plan Implementation – West Liberty, Kentucky – As MCEE, worked to oversee development of opportunities outlined in the Phase 1 community strategic plan.
  • Sustaining Louisville – UofL Urban Design Studio -In partnership with UofL Department of Urban and Public Affairs and MCEE, worked to schedule a half day event which connected key city stakeholders to reiterate the central points, issues and challenges that were discovered during the Phase 1 Living City Block Assessment Work. During the event, various city stakeholders were asked to share their knowledge on topics relating to sustainability with the intent of developing strategies to be implemented in the near future. 
  • Phase 1: Community Strategic Planning Work – West Liberty, Kentucky – As MCEE worked with colleagues to assess resources and opportunities, interview key stakeholders, facilitate community meetings and developed a Strategic Planning Report for the community of West Liberty, Kentucky, which suffered massive losses due to a tornado in March of 2012. The document provides an overview of the vision of the West Liberty community and the stakeholders, opportunities and funding strategies available to assist with its implementation. 
  • Living City Block Louisville Assessment – Louisville Downtown Development Corporation (DDC) – In partnership with Living City Block and MCEE, organized over 90 interviews and conversations with key individuals, institutions, agencies and organizations throughout Louisville to define a comprehensive list of the challenges and opportunities for developing sustainability in Louisville.


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