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President's Report



…And just like that, March is here.


 Don’t blink, because this year seems to be flying by fast. February was a great month for CSI, that was capped off by the 30th Annual AIA/CSI Trade Fair.


 The 30th Annual CSI Trade Fair was a success, and a big thanks goes to all of the committee members who worked so diligently to make it a success. I also would like thank all of our Trade Fair Sponsors, as the event would not be possible without your support.


 Trade Fair Sponsors


Lynn Imaging – Monster Color


Office Environment Company


Builders Exchange

Huber Engineered Woods

Baines Builders Products

PC Home Center


 We will continue the fun in March with our March Meet & Greet Meeting on Thursday, March 9th at 5:30 PM at the Builders Exchange. My friend, and fellow Lexington CSI President, Scott Noel, will be our guest speaker. Scott will be doing an AIA certified program on Geothermal HVAC systems. Please be sure to sign up for this meeting, as it should be a fun one!


 I look forward to seeing everyone next week on Thursday, March 9th.


 Take care,




Brent Guiliani


Louisville CSI President


Baines Builders Products
























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Many Hands Make Light Work.

Your Hands Are Needed

 So it is said, that many hands make light work. As for our local CSI Chapter, in recent years, it has been few hands doing lots of work. We are grateful to those who have volunteered their time to serve, but we invite more to join them. We currently need volunteers to help with all sub-committees, however, we have an immediate need for a Vice-Chair of the Trade Fair Committee. Consider this your call to serve! If you would like to serve, please contact Pat Sloan ( or myself (Brent Guiliani,


Time for new officers to step forward. If you have a desire to serve the chapter in this capacity please contact Brent or Julie

Thank you!










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Upcoming Events

March 9th - CSI Meet & Greet - 

Location:  Builders Exchange - 2300 Meadow Drive, Louisville

Time:  5:30 pm (Hospitality, Dinner & Program)

Program:  Scott Noel, Principal with  N3D Consulting Engineers Planners and is responsible for the firm’s Business Development and Client Services. Will give a presentation on Geothermal - A Hidden Investment

Credits: 1 HSW via AIA East KY Chapter 

A Geothermal based HVAC system is one of the most efficient sources of building energy. Although the system carries a premium on the initial installation cost, geothermal systems are clean and offer the lowest cost of building ownership. This presentation will review some history of geothermal based systems, commons trends and newer technologies that are being developed. 35% of funds utilized for building construction are costs that are unseen, making geothermal HVAC a true hidden investment. LEARNING OBJECTIVES · Identify Geothermal Heating and Cooling Technology and the different types of GroundLoop Heat-Pump Piping Systems. · Identify the economic advantage of utilizing Geothermal for heating and cooling. · Witness a recent case study that was completed on a seven year old Geothermal Well Field. Observe the findings and note the importance's of proper Geothermal Well Field installation. · Learn procedures and specification points that can be incorporated into your next project to help protect your capital construction investment


April 13th CSI Lunch & Program

Location: Germantown Mill Loft - 946 Goss Ave Louisville

Time:  11:30 Lunch & Meeting

Parking: Available in the rear.

Program & Tour:  Germantown Mill Loft.  (New & Extensive Renovation) John and Steve Booker are entered into a joint venture with Underhill Associates to redevelop this property as a vibrant market rate mixed use development. It will include 184 modern “loft style” apartments with many historic accents that will make a beautiful blend of old and new. The units will have huge window openings, high ceilings, original wood floors, and many exposed structural members. They will have very open layouts with many energy efficient features. All units will have Plantation style blinds and washer & dryer units. They will range in rents from $700 to $1200 per month. There will be a “Village Green area”, bocce ball court and numerous patio areas, including a large courtyard with swimming pool. There will also be four period style railroad cabooses for rent. Commercially, it is anticipated that there will be a coffee roaster, café / breakfast restaurant, neighborhood fitness center, community event space, and a Rathskeller /Micro Brew/ Wine cellar theme restaurant. The site will have generous parking and green space.   Brasch Constructors (performed construction on Westport Village) is combining with Pimsler Hoss Architects to spearhead the management of the renovations. Lazarus Group, Leonard Engineering, Land Design & Development and Metro Economic Development have all played key roles in putting together this project.  

Presenter:  Alex Brey, Project Manager, Underhill Associates

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Location needed Summer of 2017,  Wish list: 1200+/- sq. ft. of empty offices and or warehouse, dock/ first floor, restroom if possible, air conditioning/ fans would be nice. Would need the space to be available July & August.(summer months are flexible and need is about 45 days) Location should be within the Louisville area. If anyone knows of available space please contact

ZeroLandfill™ is an award-winning up-cycling program. Materials are contributed by the architectural and interior design community in the form of expired specification samples, and then repurposed to the creative community including artists and arts educators. Since 2006, the ZeroLandfill™ project team has partnered with the architectural, interior and graphic design community in identifying, diverting from local landfills and re-purposing back into the community over 900,000 pounds of expired specification samples that hold value for other audiences. ZeroLandfill™ is held seasonally. ZeroLandfill™ is a project of BeeDance, LLC.

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